Welcome to Koshka’s Bazaar!

At Koshka’s Bazaar, we love knitting, cats, and tea!  We hope you do too!  Here you will find knitting and crochet patterns, tips for knitting and modifying knitting patterns, as well as knitting tricks and techniques.  Find out which new products are worth buying, and how to make knitting accessories of your own.

More importantly, there will be cute pictures of cats!  And you can learn about tea along with me.

I’ve known how to knit for a very long time, since I was little, but I didn’t really get into it until I discovered double-pointed needles.  Now I will knit with anything . . . except the 14″ long aluminum needles that were the standard when I first learned. (Not long ago I used a toothpick as a cable needle.  That actually worked a lot better than the heavy aluminum ones.)

I’ve been around cats even longer, but became obsessed when I was around 11.  And not just pet cats!  All kinds of cats.  One of my goals is to see a leopard in the wild.  Only recently have I ‘discovered’ tea.  It started with a chai teabag that actually had tea in it.  (I had tried an ‘herbal’ some time ago that was just the spices.  Not for me.)  So I am learning about tea, and while I am picky I am not a tea snob.

Meet the Crew:

koshka portrait

Koshka!  Koshka is a big source of inspiration.  She is silly, and she is my shadow,  She likes to sit inside of things.  She wants to know what I am doing at all times and she likes to “help”. Koshka is three years old.

mau in the window

Mau.  Mau is laid back.  He likes to hang out in the window, any window, especially if it is sunny.  He doesn’t feel the need to “help” the way Koshka does, but Mau does seem to think I need company while I’m knitting in the evening . . . and he sits right in the middle of my project.  Mau is Koshka’s brother.

neko 008

Neko.  Neko is seven years old.  She finds the younger cats tiresome, except for Mau.  She likes to sleep and lie in the sun as much as he does.


Sprocket.  Sprocket is the new kid.  He was about three months old when we found him, abandoned.  We thought he was feral (hence the ear tip) but he calmed down once an abscess on his face was cleaned up.  He is 8 months old.  Sprocket has become my second shadow, and he seems to think Koshka is a good substitute mom.

Koshka's Bazaar